Jetpack Jam is a fun, two-player, competitive, physics-based arcade game. There are two game modes:

King Of The Hill
First player to be the only player on the hill for 30 seconds wins!

First player to survive 30 rounds wins!

Each time you play a game mode, a random variation of the level is chosen, making each round unique.


Player 1
W - Use Jetpack
A - Roll / Rotate Left
D - Roll / Rotate Right

Player 2
Up Arrow - Use Jetpack
Left Arrow - Roll / Rotate Left
Right Arrow - Roll Rotate Right

Enter/Return - Start
P - Pause
R - Restart
H - Return to Home


Dan Sessoms - Design
Nat King - Art
Noah King - Design, Programming
Zack Alkek - Music []


Jetpack Jam [Download] 288 MB

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